RANT: Hackney Acid Attack should commend security staff, not mock

May I take this opportunity to applaud the actions taken by both venue management and security as well as emergency services after the recent events at Mangle in Hackney.

“Unfortunately some super-men see-through-clothing, K9 strength senses security think they could have prevented this. Bollocks.

Be grateful it wasn’t you working. You think you would of stopped it? How often do you go around feeling every mans cock bulge for corrosives before they enter a nightclub, how often do you get clubbers to remove their shoes before entering. The only person to blame is the pond scum piss ant that did this.

….And who’s to say they didn’t have ease of access with the stuff. I’ve seen it before, multiple DJs and their “rent-a-crews” In busy establishments where flight cases for one often walk through security untouched as if they had legs of their own with ID in had.

Have you ever seen that video of a fake paramedic getting on stage with Justin Timberlake for a laugh to show the ease?

Come on. If a lone wolf can waltz in as far as they did into parliament what makes you think a nightclub DS is going to finger bang every clubber walking in, incase they have Austin powers style toothpaste shoved up their “sexual assault” labelled wind hole.

If you know anything about corrosives it was probably in something the size of a lipstick carrier. Ever heard of pepper spray?

I have worked this door before years ago, and many others, where previously at another venue four girls will each carry separate parts of the tiniest “mars bar gun” you’ve ever seen, then shoot someone. This is what security and management dread. It’s why I stopped providing to nightclubs staff to nightclubs and only work them on occasion these days.

The owners can be wicked yet you turn up on the night and it’s a different crowd, policy and politics all together. Pay is dictated in this field. It’s faulted yes, but its work at the end of the day. With influx of shirt filling SIA badges, I see few that can work in nightclubs and do a good job. Maybe 18% of those that get an interview, let alone the rejected CV’s.

Even fewer security actually know what’s coming until they are heads on to the problem. That’s the “be ready for anything factor”.

All I am saying is have some respect to the staff reevaluating their crummy 10s per hour and then having to justify it. Do you not think they probably got enough abuse evac-ing 600 odd people. If they knew what was going to happen they would of taken the night off or strip searched every packet of crisps sold that night.

I appreciate if you have a badge you hold yourself entitled to think you are as good as everyone else, but few big teams can say that they can trust their colleagues searching well on the doors as much as their own eyes, especially as these days you get the team that turns up, not the one you want half the time. While you are then dealing with pill head number 27 of the night.

Truth is searches are not good enough as dictated by the sector we are in. It’s not an airport! It’s a club. Why do stabbings happen at west End nightclubs. Because knifes are easier to conceal then your girlfriends tights you wear in winter to stop your gum drops reaching freezing point. Insert Hashtag: Sorry, not sorry.

But hats off to the real doormen that know what your up against and don’t pretend tinker-bell couldn’t spill fairy dusty without your spider senses firing up. 

I dealt with a similar smaller scale attack at Christmas. The guy pulled a tiny bath toy squirter from his arse crack, unwrapped it, and blinded a member of bar staff for 2 month. I couldn’t of been prouder of the security that night who took the guy down, They dealt with what no one would want to. It could of been far far worse. 

Just let this tighten your senses and stop judging. Push your opinions for safety on the management or don’t work. In this case, from all reports, these were all round good operators, and management responded very well and had a lot of preventatives already in place for months.