How To Avoid Being Messed Around With Money In The Security Industry

Security Industry

Stop being messed around with money.

At some point most people working within the security industry have suffered being messed around with money. Whether this is by not being paid at all, having amounts deducted, having money withheld   or by simple delaying tactics. These practises are not just reserved for the smaller companies or ‘one man band’ setups but also some larger companies have been  known to do this as well. How do they get away with it? That’s for another post. Here are three TOP TIPS to keep your head above water and one step ahead. 


You will never be criticised for needing or wanting to work. We all need to work to pay our bills. In the age of technology, never accept work off the back of a phone call. Even if it by way of a text message make sure it is clear and  detailed. They should have your bank details before you work. It is a clear sign of a bad payment process if they have not asked for your bank details beforehand. Do not accept unclear communications. Do not worry about making a nuisance of yourself.  Surely it is better for both parties that the instructions given are clear and accurate. If everyone knows what they should be doing, where they should be doing it and what is expected of them when they are there the job will run smoothly and future contracts can be won


If you are working for a specific company  do a quick google search for their website. Better still  go to  search for the company and check if they are an actively trading company. If it is a sole trader you are working for  I believe the best recommendation you can get is by checking with guards who have worked for them or still do.  Ask questions and find out if payments are made and that they are made on time.  No one has the time these days to be chasing money they are rightly owed.

If you are taking on work without having been through a full recruitment process prior to the shift you  need to get as much information as you possibly can before hand. Most companies,large or small, rely on last minute word of mouth recruiting. They will normally source security to work alongside their existing team if someone lets them down at the last minute. This is not to say it is right but it is common, even for big companies.

There is a whole sector based on sub-contracting, even sub-sub-contracting. This is where one company gets a few smaller companies to help supply  security staff. I feel safe if I am sub-contracted to a major event or venue, as I can easily follow the supply chain if I do not get paid. No one wants bad publicity  and no one wants to gain a bad reputation in this industry. If you think you may be working at a one off street event, and they may not be there tomorrow, make sure you have the good guard referrals you can trust.


I am writing this for both security staff in areas where work is plentiful and also for those in more remote areas where work is harder to find. If you are in need of the work and are still unsure  I suggest this …….. Take it, Turn up and Ask! First impressions are a great help and by asking around you may get the answers and reassurance you need. If for whatever reason you are not happy then  cut your losses and head home.  Just make sure you are  not turning down a good shift. A small business or even a new business should not rejected but caution should be taken.  With the correct checks being made at the start then disappointment can be avoided at the end

Remember, getting paid at the end, starts with getting it right in the beginning.